Updated: Friday, 18 November, 2022
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5+ Best Shopify Subscription Apps & Software in 2022

If you are selling a subscription-based product, it’s worth it to install one of the best Shopify subscription apps for your online store. Subscription apps will help you add more value to your customers and make things easier for you as well. Some questions you’ll want to think about before installing one are 1) How will this integrate with my current store 2) Will this subscription app grow with me? 3) Do they offer features like live chat, automation, ticketing, SMS, and more? We understand it’s not easy to start a subscription business, but one way to do this is with an ecommerce platform such as Shopify.

5+ Best Shopify Subscription Apps & Software

What are the 5+ Best Shopify Subscription Apps & Software?

Let’s dive into our list of the best Shopify subscription apps online store owners and merchants can use to drive recurring orders and increase sales for their business this year.

Seal Subscriptions logo


Seal Subscriptions is a tool designed to simplify the process of setting up and managing recurring payments. It offers several features, including automated product swaps, interval changes, a payment calendar, and a Quick Checkout Wizard.
Skio Subscriptions logo


Skio is a subscription application company founded in 2020. They help online stores increase their conversion rates and improve their average order value. Their subscription app provides brands with the flexibility to edit subscriptions at scale – no more needing to edit each individual product subscription!
Recharge Logo


Recharge is a payments platform that helps online stores set up and manage recurring billing. You can easily integrate the Recharge payments app in minutes so you’re on your way to offering your customers a way to subscribe. With their app, you’ll also be able to increase customer LTV while reducing churn with some of their out-of-the-box subscription features.
Appstle logo


Appstle Subscriptions is a subscription app that enables you to offer recurring products and services to your customers. With Appstle, you can create subscriptions that increase customer lifetime value and drive recurring revenue for your growing online store.
Bold Subscriptions logo


The Bold Subscriptions Shopify App is a tool that allows you to manage your store’s subscriptions in one place, including free trials and discounts. The app allows you to create and manage all of your subscriptions, sync them with your Shopify store, and add new products to your subscriptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about using 5+ Best Shopify Subscription Apps & Software.
Yes! You can run subscriptions on Shopify. You'll need to use one of the Shopify subscription apps listed above, or other alternatives you find too.Subscriptions are a feature that allows you to charge customers recurring payments for recurring products or services. You can set up different subscription options, such as monthly, weekly, yearly, or one-time payments. Subscriptions are great for businesses in industries like fitness and healthcare that want to offer ongoing memberships and services.
This is much easier than you think! You can either add subscribe through the Shopify admin panel under your "products", where you can check off which products should be eligible for a subscription. You also have the option to manage this through Shopify subscription apps like the ones listed above, which may be a much easier way to manage hundreds (if no, thousands) of different products that are eligible for a subscription.
Yes, Shopify Supports subscription boxes! Subscriptions are getting more and more popular, and as a Shopify merchant, you know that you could be making more money if your customers were engaging with your products on a regular basis. The good news is that this is easier than ever to set up, thanks to all of the Shopify Subscription apps! You can use the different Shopify subscription apps to automatically bill customers for recurring orders of products or services on whatever schedule works best for them. This means that you'll have recurring revenue coming in every single day instead of relying on one-time purchases, which makes planning your cash flow much simpler. Plus, customers love subscriptions because they're convenient! So it's a win-win.
You can either manage your Shopify subscriptions through the Shopify admin panel under "products" or use one of the Shopify subscription apps listed above. Either option works but it's just a matter of how it works best for your brand and what you're trying to accomplish.