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What is Appstle?

Appstle Subscriptions is a revolutionary subscription app that enables you to offer recurring products and services to your customers on a regular basis. With Appstle you can create subscriptions that increase customer LTV and drive recurring revenue for your growing online store.Apostle allows brands to:1) Appstle lets your customers pause or skip deliveries, recharge or reconfigure subscriptions (swap/add/delete products), include products one-time, and adjust delivery dates. 2) Their dunning management feature can help you recapture failed transactions due to expired/declined cards and automatically notify customers when payments are not successful. 3) With their tiered discounts feature, you can set up rules to update any discounts after certain deliveries, that way, you can increase loyalty and decrease churn.

Key Features of Appstle

  • Subscription trials
  • APIs & webhooks available
  • GDPR & data privacy compliant
  • Prepaid subscriptions w/ discounts
  • Activity logs
  • Custom shipping

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Pros of using Appstle:

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Appstle to help you get ready to make a purchase for your online store.
  • The Appstle team provides some of the best onboarding and customer support for online stores setting up subscriptions.
  • They offer all users with a 30-day free trial to get started with the platform to see if it works for your online store.
  • They don’t charge any transaction fees on your recurring order, everything is included within the monthly plan.
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Cons of using Appstle:

Let’s explore some of the drawbacks of the Appstle software so you can be better prepared before you make a purchase.
  • Their front-end needs to be a little more customizable for styling and accommodation for digital or SaaS subscriptions.
  • They currently only integrate with Shopify, so if you’re on another ecommerce platform, you won’t be able to use their subscription app.
  • They could use a few more customizable settings at the product level.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about using Appstle.
Appstle subscription pricing starts at free to install, but the pricing increase from $10/month up to $100/month for more in-depth product features.
Yes! Apostle offers customer support for all of their different tiered plans. So, whether you’re on a free plan or paying $100/month, they treat their customers with the same level of fantastic support.
Yes! Apostle offers an analytics dashboard for you to view many different subscriptions metrics that are important to your online store.

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macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, iOS