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What is Bold?

The Bold Subscriptions Shopify App is a subscription management tool that allows you to manage your store’s subscriptions in one place. You can create and manage all of your subscriptions with the app, including free trials and discounts. You can also add new products to your subscription easily and sync them with your Shopify store.

Key Features of Bold

  • Auto installs to your theme
  • Integrates with Shopify discount codes
  • Automated subscriber email notifications
  • Dunning management
  • Customer management tools
  • Subscriptions analytics dashboard

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Pros of using Bold:

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Bold to help you get ready to make a purchase for your online store.
  • You can launch or migrate your subscription program in minutes.
  • Connect Bold Subscriptions with Shopify and make a seamless integration.
  • Send automated email updates to subscribers about changes to their subscription, customized with your branding.
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Cons of using Bold:

Let’s explore some of the drawbacks of the Bold software so you can be better prepared before you make a purchase.
  • Some online stores had problems with their code integrations.
  • The customer support team can be slow to respond at certain points.
  • A few stores stated they ran into issues with how the payment gateway connects to Bold.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about using Bold.
Bold Subscriptions pricing starts at $49.99/month for their Core platform, but if you’re looking for a more customized solution you’ll need to discuss pricing plans with them.
If you have an online store that has the option for customers to select a “subscription”, you can use Bold Subscriptions to set up recurring subscriptions for your products of their choosing.
Bold Subscriptions work with any Shopify theme of your choosing! They have put together some amazing resources to get launched with Bold Subscriptions, and their installation tool will help you get up and running every step of the way.

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Bold is Compatible with:

macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, iOS